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    Joe Dees:

    > >> But one thing that people who built computers got right is the fact
    > >brains store knowledge and memories, so they intentionally built an
    > >into computers for the naturally evolved ability of human brains to store
    > >memories and knowledge in neuronal-axonal-dendritic-synaptic
    > >>>>
    > >
    > >You sure about that? Who devised the electronic storage of data, and
    > >did he claim to have been mimicking the brain?
    > >
    > Alan Turing and John Von Neumann both made such assertions, and were
    instrumental in elaborating the theory such technological achievements

    In what way were they mimicking the brain? Are you telling me they studied
    neural networks and devised computer memory storage on the basis of this?

    It's one thing to have a vague notion that you're creating an artificial
    analogue to the brain. It's quite another to develop technology
    specifically from the study of the brain.


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