Re: Memetic as an Adjective

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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 10:48:14 GMT

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    At 10:52 PM 5/02/02 -0800, Joe wrote:
    > Some people here have been troubled by the difficulties they hare
    having in defining the noun 'meme'. Rather than attempt to isolate such a
    definition in its purity, why not use the term 'memetic' as an adjective,
    to indicate the quality of replicability of an idea, a behavior, a message
    or an artifact? Then the replicability differential can come into play,
    and without defining meme as a thing rather than a process, we can speak of
    some things being more memetic, i.e., more propagationally successful, than
    others. There are probably as many problems as there are solutions with
    this approach; I merely toss it out there to be mulled over for strengths
    and weaknesses.
    Hey Joe
    Don't get too hung up about all the definitions of 'meme', there are many
    more definitions of the noun 'culture', and we all still make good use of
    it. Besides you have defined the noun by explaining the adjective and, as I
    see it, you are still defining a 'meme' as an idea whereas I define it as a
     sequence (or part of a sequence) of codified cultural information.

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