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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 04:27:33 GMT

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    Hi Philip Jonkers -

    >I can't imagine that termites communicate their collective archeticural
    >culture to other termite communities.

    But birds don't do that either- to other colonies, that is. In most
    cases, a colony of birds is a species.

    The whole species thing is problematic with memes and cultures. In many
    ways, humans have used memes as speciation tools. When the color of the
    skin is the same, or the eyes are the same, the us vs them instinct (or
    whatever it is), took over and created cultural behavior....

    Termites architectural 'culture' is wholely dependent upon their
    environment. And it can be said that humans culture is largely dependent
    upon their memetic environment.

    Like bonding in young animals, we bond to the first signs that fill our
    genetic voids for cultural information, be it native language, social
    norms, speech accents, etc. And the termite uses what it sees, too.

    - Wade

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