Re: necessity of mental memes

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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 04:30:27 GMT

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    Subject: Re: necessity of mental memes

    > >Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:51:16 -0500
    > > Joachim Maier <> Re: necessity
    of mental memesReply-To:
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    > >>All velocity involves change, but not all change has to be a velocity
    > >>change; IOW, not all change is positional.
    > >
    > >Hi,
    > >I have to admit, the volume of messages was sometimes too high for me,
    > >I did not read all the messages. But could anybody please give me an
    > >example of change were no spacial change is involved?
    > >I still have a hard time to come up with any example where nowhere in the
    > >process of any change there is not also a change in velocity of something
    > >involved.
    > >Joachim
    > >
    > What about isotopic decay or the stopping of a spinning sphere? Of
    course, in the first instance, some electrons leave the quantum shield at a
    velocity while the rest remains unchanged, and in the second the circular
    motion is stopped but the sphere as a whole maintains its position. Change
    does involve the movement of SOME of what changes, but not ALL.

    What about recoil Joe? Surely conservation of momentum requires occurrence
    of a recoil manoeuvre of the system minus the jettisoned electron. In case
    of the
    spinning sphere, it dissipates its rotational energy to the environment by
    friction. So, spatial change occurs also to the particles comprising the
    sphere which
    keep changing until the sphere grinds to a stand-still.


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