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Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 03:13:22 GMT

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    > > the brain makes memes.

    > So you say....
    > Termites make mounds.
    > And that's pretty genetic. Unless you want to call it memetic,
    > and, you're not alone in that, from what I've seen, what with
    > the bird song claims.

    I can't imagine that termites communicate their collective archeticural
    culture to other termite communities. I think it's likely that it's genetic
    than memetic.

    > > it is the
    > > current gene-pool which build brains that restrict meme-creativity
    > > potential.

    > And this is an interesting comment. What leads you to think we
    > are being restricted in our meme-creativity? What potential
    > memes do you see that have their actualities missing?

    Why did it take us a couple of hundred years to prove Fermat's theorem?
    Why are we still unable to invent a properly working unification theory of
    while thousands of incredibibly bright people are working on it?
    Why don't we colonize the stars right now? If we only had brains of higher
    intelligence, we would have negiotated such problems or challenges with
    ease and faster rate.
    That's what I mean when I say meme-creativity is restricted by genes.


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