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Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 22:11:14 GMT

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    At 09:39 PM 05/02/02 +0100, "Kenneth Van Oost"


    >I will try to eleborate,
    >If memes were to be multiplicated ( replicated in numbers) do other memes
    >die !? Allegedly, not ! They stay all the time somewhere, they can be/ will
    >be forgotten, there will be no longer a behavior/ trait/ habit attached to
    >them_ they won 't die in the sense we all think about. They will not evolve
    >further either.

    Of course a meme or a gene can "die," that is the information that made the
    meme is no longer in existence.

    Any totally forgotten meme that left no traces on papers or in artifacts is
    gone this way.

    Keith Henson

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