Re: Selfish memes ?

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 21:15:46 GMT

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    From: Keith Henson <>

    > Jeeze guys. "Selfish" in context of gene, memes or computer viruses is
    > *metaphor*. It is a short way of expressing in the fact that genes that
    > build bodies better able to get the those genes into the next generation
    > become more common in future generations. Darwinian evolution has been
    > restated in the past decades not as "survival" so much as reproductive
    > Please don't try to make a big deal out of something so simple.

    Hi Keith,

    I suppose this was adressed to me, if not... sorry !

    I don 't want to make a big deal out of something you think is simple.
    IMO, it is not !

    Maybe you don 't know this, but upon this list I ' defend ' a some what
    individualistic view. That is, where you think that the kin group is impor-
    tant for any behavior, trait or habit I try to come to the same result star-
    ting from an individualistic point of view.

    Throughout history, psychology and philosophy, place and status of the
    individual has been always problematic. I am interested in the ' why '.
    It seems, according to which position you wanna take in, that the indi-
    vidual exist and does not exist_ that allegedly to the notion if our lust
    knowledge is an anthropological tendency or not.

    Selfishness is related to individualism, to authenicity and autonomy_ and
    that is just the problem !
    Selfishness implies something that is above the group, and we can 't handle
    this. Selfishness means, standing out, being somebody, profilating yourself.

    In the context of memes, the notion that memes could be in such a way
    selfish, is apparently too hot to handle.
    The problem of dichotomy is playing tricks on us.
    For all we know are , the group- related behavioral traits and habits bio-
    logical/ anthropological biased, and that should mean that ' individual/
    individualistic and indiviualism ' are execptions to the rule.

    In a way, thinking that memes would be selfisch is then impossible !
    And moreover, any ' individual '- aspect of something would be re-
    garded as hostile and inferior... because the ' group ' is in charge, gives
    meaning, conduct rules and laws.
    See what happens in biology, one man, one view... Darwin !
    All the rest is bullshit ! Are you sure !? I am not !

    It is not Darwin who have set the rules of the game,... the group scientist
    who followed his footsteps did, and still does !
    Are you sure you follow Darwin or do you think that you follow the group !?
    Both are different approaches !



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