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Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 20:39:41 GMT

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    > Little confused by the question.

    > > Apoptosis, the death response of cells.
    > > Is there a parallel in neurobiology, i/e/, is the mutation rate of
    > > memes linked
    > > to the death of other memes !?

    Hi Ray, and John and others who replied,

    I will try to eleborate,

    If memes were to be multiplicated ( replicated in numbers) do other memes
    die !? Allegedly, not ! They stay all the time somewhere, they can be/ will
    be forgotten, there will be no longer a behavior/ trait/ habit attached to
    them_ they won 't die in the sense we all think about. They will not evolve

    Which info allegedly ' dies ', old information has to go ( memory !?).
    Which memes die and does this influence the mutation- rate of any other
    meme/ memeplex !?
    If memes has to die to let any space for others does this affect the
    tion- flow of any other meme/ memeplex !?

    And if memes commit suicide, or their death is controlled by others/ their
    neighbours, to let others or themselves propagate, does this influence any
    mutation- rate/ information- flow of any other meme/ memeplex !?

    Is there a mechanism whci supposingly drives memes to ( commit) suicide_
    why such a mechanism if it should exist !?



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