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Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 15:38:32 GMT

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            <Atheism. It is impossible. to my mind, to prove or disprove the
    existence of god, so Atheism is a religion of sorts. This does not stop the
    > sociobiologists from from asssigning *roles* :-)>
            Atheism means the absence of religious belief, it is in no way
    equivalent to or the same as a religion. Atheists do not share moral and
    ethical codes, do not share attitudes towards things like race and gender
    etc. as a result of their being atheists.

            Religions claim that it is impossible to prove or disprove the
    existence of god, and that in itself is a reason to reject them- they reject
    the notion of falsifiability, and therefore their assertions are irrational.

            <With regard to the Swiss, they do indeed have an enviable
    > democracy - if you are Swiss. Untill recently, the words *Swiss bank
    > account* and *annonymity* in world finances were synonymous. cf the furore
    > surrounding the holocaust etc.>
            I wasn't going to raise the Swiss question but being a country
    surrounded by high mountains played a major part in its 'success' (it is a
    remarkably authoritarian and insular nation in many ways).

            <BTW, interesting piece in the Times (UK) supplement re Iran and the

    > comparison with other muslim thoecracies. The discusions on the list do
    > not have appeared to fully reflected the many nuances that relates to
    > muslim
    > worship (and i have to admit my own ignorance here). If i can find the
    > info
    > on this i will post it>


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