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Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 15:28:23 GMT

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    > >>On Monday, February 4, 2002, at 10:33 , Kenneth Van Oost wrote:
    > >>
    > >>>Why can 't altruistic behavior in the extreme not be a case of
    > >>>selfishness !?
    > >>
    > >>Society itself is a dance around this- the cultural environment is, like
    > >>that village we all done heard tell about a few years ago, what raises
    > >>the child, after all. Sacrifices to that environment are beneficial
    > >>(they can be...) to that environment, and thus, ones genes are given a
    > >>further chance to keep going.
    > >>
    > >>Strong sociocultural units are survival mechanisms, and always have
    > >>
    > >>Like ants, however, such 'selfishness' as this sort of altruism is,
    > >>needs obeisance and dependence.
    > >>
    > >>- Wade
    > >>
    > >Are you implying that the soldiers who seemed so eager to go to
    > >to fight the Al Quaeda and the Taliban and perhaps lose their lives in
    > >process did so out of obeisance and dependence?
    > >
    >Yes, to what their mullahs told them was the will of Allah. The term
    >'Islam' may be translated as 'Submission'.
    > >
    Are you saying the mullahs told American soldiers to go to Afghanistan and
    fight the Al Quaeda and the Taliban? That's a strange view of the
    situation. You must have misread my post. ;-)>


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