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    > >If we "built our culture around us" as you suggest, then it is engineered
    > >rather than evolved. As Aaron wrote recently the mastery of memetic
    > >manipulation could be "worth billions", or it may just preserve something
    > >for our children's children.
    > >This is an important field of research whatever your "take on it" is.
    > >Jeremy
    > >
    It IS worth billions. Just look at the culture that Bill Gates built and
    the billions he collected for his efforts. The same goes for Hewlett
    Packard, Apple and Intel. They didn't just invent new products. They also
    invented new ways of organizing labor and management so that labor was able
    to share the riches and become totally involved in the work they were doing.
      Tom Peters propagated these ideas in his books on how these ideas changed
    big business.

    In another example, look at an American engineer named Deming who was called
    to Japan by Douglas McArthur to teach his methods to Japanese manufacturing
    organizations. He revolutionized manufacturing in Japan and introduced such
    concepts as Total Quality Control and letting the workers decide what
    changes need to be mande to improve the manufacturing process in the areas
    where they worked. Every year the Japanese award medals to the companies
    that have made the most progress in implementing Deming's ideas. It's
    called the Deming prize.

    In essence, though, the methods and ideas the Japanese adopted turned Japan
    into the manufacturing and financial powerhouse we know today. The
    strangest part is that it took American automobile manufacturers another 20
    years to adopt these methods invented by an American engineer. Until China
    woke up, Japan had the largest amount of foreign reserves outside the U.S.
    and Taiwan, which adopted the Japanese and American philosophies wholesale
    was financially larger than China.

    So, yes, the engineering of cultural change IS worth billions to both the
    individuals who do the engineering and to the populations that adopt his


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