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Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 12:34:03 GMT

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    Hi Jeremy Bradley -

    >In the longer term, maybe 150 years, the planet will not support humans.
    >Does that not make our carelessness and corruption crimes against humanity?

    I don't, at all, disagree with this. (See Wilson's new Future of Life for
    a wonderful compendium of support.) I was more disagreeing with the
    'western' bias you gave ecological destruction. The world is littered, on
    all fronts, with examples of man-made ecological disasters, many from
    indigenous peoples, who, having ruined one island, have to move to
    another. For every aborigine success, there are pairs of failures by
    other native dwellers or colonial arrivers.

    >aberration in the human mythscape as all other early cultures were directed
    >to exist in nature, not above it.

    Nature is often more powerful. And then, something makes it less so. Any
    agricultural endeavor has no place in that mythscape, and that mythscape
    was left behind, by all but a few tribes, long ago.

    - Wade

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