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Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 07:24:22 GMT

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    At 08:52 AM 4/02/02 -0500, you wrote:
    >On 02/04/02 01:43, Jeremy Bradley said this-
    >>I must continue to enquire into
    >>why Western 'civilisation' can tolerate behaviours which are environmentaly
    >I'm not aware of any human society, past or present, that does not
    >tolerate environmentally dangerous behaviors.
    >The degree of danger and behavior are variable, but, really, no society,
    >east, west, north, or south, lives in the paradise of synergism with
    >nature that such romanticism demands.
    >- Wade

    I suggest that you enquire into the "synergism with nature" practiced by
    most indigenous societies. See Knudson and Suzuki "Wisdom of the Elders"
    for well researched examples from all regions.
    Whilst the early Australian civilisations did make impacts which caused
    extinctions, once they realised the fragile nature of this land they
    developed systems of land management which remained stable for many
    thousands of years - colonial practices have severely damaged the entire
    continent in a mere two hundred years. Native American peoples (both north
    and south) also had management practices which could have maintained land,
    rivers, air and seas in reasonable condition.
    Wade please don't be so defensive. I am only pointing out that due to
    current corrupt US energy policies much environmental damage will occur.
    Here in Australia (and we are not blameless either) the latest research
    estimates that during the next fifty years we will lose up to half of our
    eucalypt species and a quarter of the large marsupials. Also, coral reefs
    will die throughout the Pacific. This will expose low-lying areas to storm
    damage and inundation. Many island nations will become uninhabitable and
    extreme wether will cause massive loss of life.
    In the longer term, maybe 150 years, the planet will not support humans.
    Does that not make our carelessness and corruption crimes against humanity?
    Genesis 1.26 places man over nature, this is (according to my meme-maps) an
    aberration in the human mythscape as all other early cultures were directed
    to exist in nature, not above it.

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