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Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 06:33:14 GMT

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    >Left-right symmetricality and color (black on white) would seem to be the
    >only thing that individual rorshach blots have in common.

    Well, yes, but, seriously, left-right symmetry is _a lot_ of _stuff_
    (recognitions, forms, mirrorings...) in this natural world.

    And, there are Rorschach blots with color in them, are there not? (I
    could be wrong about that. I actually have never seen the real Rorschach
    blots.) If there are not, for some reason I am thinking that the false
    color of moiré might happen in them also.

    In any event, they are a very good, very interesting, very captivating
    subject to dip a discussion about information into.

    - Wade

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