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Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 03:54:03 GMT

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    On Monday, February 4, 2002, at 09:14 , Joe Dees wrote:

    >> Satanism, through the Black Mass, is indeed, in my opinion, degrading
    >> to women

    The Black Mass is mostly a joke, sometimes performed by members of the
    Church of Satan for publicity purposes.

    Satanism is more pagan, although, hinting of the patriarchal.

    "The beliefs, practices and rituals of the Church of Satan have few, if
    any, points of similarity with the Christian concept of Satan. The CoS'
    concept of Satan is pre-Christian, and derived from the Pagan image of
    power, virility, sexuality and sensuality. Satan is viewed as a force of
    nature, not a living quasi-deity. Their Satan has nothing to do with
    Hell, demons, pitchforks, sadistic torture, and profound evil. They have
    occasionally engaged in a Black Mass for publicity purposes, in which
    the Roman Catholic Mass is ridiculed. But, otherwise, their rituals have
    no connection to those of Christianity.

    Some of their beliefs and practices are:
    They do not worship a living deity.
    Major emphasis is placed on the power and authority of the individual
    Satanist, rather than on a god or goddess.
    They believe that each person is their own redeemer, fully responsible
    for the direction of their own life.
    Satanism respects and exalts life. Children and animals are the purest
    expressions of that life force, and as such are held sacred and

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