Re: Selfish memes ?

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Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 03:58:09 GMT

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    On Monday, February 4, 2002, at 08:20 , Grant Callaghan wrote:

    > Are you implying that the soldiers who seemed so eager to go to
    > Afghanistan to fight the Al Quaeda and the Taliban and perhaps lose
    > their lives in the process did so out of obeisance and dependence? Or
    > perhaps the players in the Superbowl suffered the years of broken bones
    > and strained muscles and other forms of deprivation for those reasons
    > rather than the hope of finding glory? Now I'm beginning to feel
    > disillusioned. ;-(>

    In all the Super Bowl post game interviews I've seen, very player said
    they did it for the team and it was the team that did it.

    Yes, those soldiers, so eager, are obedient and dependent.

    - Wade

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