RE: Islam's Captive Women

From: Steve Drew (
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 21:45:17 GMT

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    Subject: RE: Islam's Captive Women
    Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 21:45:17 +0000
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    >Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 16:32:42 -0000
    From: Vincent Campbell <>
    Subject: RE: Islam's Captive Women

    Name me a religion that doesn't oppress women (or men for that matter)<

    Atheism. It is impossible. to my mind, to prove or disprove the existence of
    god, so Atheism is a religion of sorts. This does not stop the
    sociobiologists from from asssigning *roles* :-)

    >BTW, can you remind me of the piece you posted a couple of weeks back
    lost it in the mire of posts lately) that was talking about democracy,
    the lack of it, in the Islamic world.  I vaguely recall that the author
    on about Switzerland and Hong Kong as great examples of the benefits of
    democracy.  I want to check it again to see if I'm remembering that
    because Hong Kong under British rule was never a democracy (indeed the
    governor-general Chris Patten quite upset the Chinese by trying to
    it before the handover in 1997).

    Keep these interesting pieces coming though.


    I wan't the author, but you are correct Vincent, the UK only introduced
    some democracy as the handover to China approached. This may have been to
    make the withdrawl of the UK easier and to slow the flight of some of the
    important buisnessmen etc from the colony, again to make it easier for the
    With regard to the Swiss, they do indeed have an enviable representative
    democracy - if you are Swiss. Untill recently, the words *Swiss bank
    account* and *annonymity* in world finances were synonymous. cf the furore
    surrounding the holocaust etc.

    BTW, interesting piece in the Times (UK) supplement re Iran and the
    comparison with other muslim thoecracies. The discusions on the list do
    not have appeared to fully reflected the many nuances that relates to muslim
    worship (and i have to admit my own ignorance here). If i can find the info
    on this i will post it


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