Teleportation and memes

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Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 21:27:04 GMT

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    Subject: Teleportation and memes
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    Subject: Teleportation and memes

    To my post on The EPR paradox (Sorry folks I made a
    typo mistake - it was Podolshi not Polsudski - I was
    mixing the Scientist with a Pre-WWII Polish

    Steve asked

    >Are you on about entanglement here, or is this
    >something else?

    Yes, it is entanglement.† One thing which is
    surprising in entanglement is that all particles
    created at the time of the Big Bang *were* entangled.
    Thus the universe as a whole is one single FTL
    communication system.

    >If it is entanglement (New Scientist 20/5/00, No:
    >2239), i was under the impression that it was
    >information that was transmitted alright, but i
    >wasn't aware of any of the aforesaid that goes with
    >it. I believe they have already conducted expriments
    >(reported in New Scientist, but not sure which )
    >using entangled pairs of particles including doing a
    >very simple calculation. ie a quantum computer.

    I was aware that the there were plans for using
    entanglement for simple calculations I did not know
    that they had proceeded.

    Regarding the teleportation approach, have a look at

    D. Boschi, S. Branca, F. De Martini, L. Hardy and S.
    Popescu: "Experimental Realization of Teleporting an
    Unknown Pure Quantum State via Dual Classical and
    Einstein-Podolski-Rosen Channels",
    submitted to Physical Review Letters, Los Alamos
    preprint archive quant-ph/9710013.



    Just sorry i canít give you a reference. It was on the lines of one plus
    one. Not exactly a pc or a mac, but you have to start somewhere. As
    Francesca has said, i will add your reading to the list that is slowly
    piling up beside me. One thing i would add is that although all the
    particles created at the big bang are entangled, finding the pairs could
    pose a problem.



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