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Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 16:07:10 GMT

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    Hello Kenneth

    Little confused by the question. Not sure how mutation rate links in to
    apoptosis. Martyrdom would be a rough correlate to apoptosis i suppose
    although the analogy between cell death for genes and person death for
    memes is not a great one. Closer would just be death of an organism for
    the kin selection advantages and death of a human and the memes he/she
    carries for the advantage in propagating those memes. We have hashed
    over martyrdom repeatedly on this list especially in the wake of the
    September bombings.

    In terms of memes that alter other memes mutation rates I guess one could
    point to democracy and the scientific method. Both of these memes
    survive because of their value as forces for generation and selection of
    other memes. Genetic analogies would be all the genes that promote and
    control recombination.

    Ray Recchia

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    Subject: Apoptosis

    > Hi all, a question !?
    > Apoptosis, the death response of cells.
    > Is there a parallel in neurobiology, i/e/, is the mutation rate of
    > memes linked
    > to the death of other memes !?
    > Anyone !?
    > Thanks,
    > Kenneth

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