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Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 14:05:50 GMT

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    On 02/03/02 20:47, Ray Recchia said this-

    >I would be curious to see an example of a 'meme' and an example of an
    >'idea' that will display the distinction you are trying to make.

    From my recently adopted stance, this email is a meme, and 'distinction'
    is an idea. Ideas can be inferred from memes, but memes cannot be
    inferred from ideas. Behaviorally, however, when a particular inference
    is strongly encouraged in a culture, the appearance of memes (behaviors)
    can be predicted. Thus, in a church on a Sunday, the singing of a hymn
    has a high statistical chance of happening. (Although, several people
    will not be singing, for whatever reasons.)

    Or, in this particular moment, in this particular town, seeing and
    hearing the celebratory behaviors of football fans is expected.

    - Wade

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