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Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 13:42:32 GMT

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    On 02/03/02 23:37, Grant Callaghan said this-

    >doctor was not trying to put a thought into their minds with the ink blots
    >but to pull one out.

    I think there are enough criticisms about the Rorschach and other tests
    of its type that purport that there is indeed a 'doctor trying to put a
    thought into their minds', and that the setting and the context are prime
    movers of this criticism.

    Intent and meaning are often obscured within each other. The montage
    school of cinema is based upon the elicitation of certain emotions and
    reactions from (possibly) unrelated, and by themselves meaningless,

    But, yes, the most valid criticism of such tests is that, indeed, nothing
    but the bias and pretensions of the doctor are being exposed.

    - Wade

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