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    >Both Grant and Jeremy seem to have some knowledge of the Far East, so you
    >may be able to help me. In an essay for a tutor a few years ago i argued
    >that, contrary to her assertion, Japanese racism that was displayed in WW2
    >was not the result of capitalism, but that there was a much earlier source.
    >ie one of the reason for the closure of Japan,s borders to the outside
    >world, which pre-dates the rise of capitalism, was due to the perception of
    >outsiders as barbarians with no honour, a form of racism. Needless to say
    >was not well recieved. :- )
    >What are your thoughts (or anybody else for that matter) on this?
    This fear of barbarians was hardened into court policy when the Mongols
    tried to invade Japan after conquering China and were defeated by the "kama
    Kazi" or divine wind as the Japanese call the Typhoon that saved them. A
    weak court gave rise to the formation of the Shogunate, or barbarian
    defeating generals that ruled Japan until the American Admiral Dewey came
    along and convinced the Japanese that history was passing them by. As a
    result, they sent emisaries to England to learn banking, to Germany to learn
    how to build an army, and to America to learn how to build factories. The
    Japanese were well acquainted with capitalism and used it to build the
    Japanese empire we took on in WWII. They believed in a different kind of
    capitalism than we had -- one that was controlled by the government and a
    group of families called the Zaibatsu. These families are still rembered in
    names like Mitsubishi (three diamonds) in the automobile and banking
    industries. Government, banking and industry still form a cabal that runs
    things in Japan which has led to the current perpetual recession in a
    country resistant to change in the government. Look at the Japanese period
    called The Restoration when the Tokugawa family was overthrown as dictators
    and the Emperor was restored to the throne. That was the birth of modern
    Japan and gave rise to the Zaibatsu. A good author to read is George Sansom
    who wrote a number of the best books on Japanese history.


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