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    >Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 11:21:11 -0800
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    We have long ago realized on this list that some of us use the term
    in different ways. Blackmore's formulation is not of great interest,
    precision, distinction or utility to me and has, if she is to be given
    credit for it, been the source of much fruitless discussion and
    My definition is more closely allied with those of Keith, Joe and Wade:
    self-replication and self-defense lie at the core of the definition. At
    point, we must all stick with our own definitions, make them as public
    well-explained as possible, and see whose turns out to be the most


    This is true. We might also, by combining our thoughts and definitions
    eventually arrive at some consensus of what we mean by the word meme. I
    shall have think and try and pin down what i think a meme is and post it.


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