Dealing With Fallacious Bizzarities

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Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 08:04:47 GMT

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    Subject: Dealing With Fallacious Bizzarities
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    ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is)      When one is presented with false and fallacious bizzarities being propounded as gospel truth, one's first recourse is, of course, to comprehensively, meticulously, diligently and patiently demonstrate how such ludicrously erroneous misconstruals are logically contradictory or are belied by factual counterexamples, or both (which is usually the case), or, because they are empirically untestable, are articles of faith rather than verifiable contentions about which one may possibly, through observation and experiment, hope to gain some measure of scientific knowledge. However, when faced with a true believer in untruth who, in thrall to his/her meme-ensnared beliefs, persists in dismissing or ignoring such Popperianly falsifying logical refutations and empirical counterexamples, and nevertheless blithely continues to assertively preach their personal holy writ as if it issued like a fount of undeniable wisdom from the pie-hole of the Archangel Gabriel at Allah's behest, a!
    nd more than that, attempts to masquerade them as other than the mere religious tenets that they so obviously are, one is unfortunately only left with the distasteful alternative of subjecting such absurd and nonsensical contentions to the thigh-slapping ridicule they so richly deserve, in the hopes that the laughter will awaken the person who has willfully drifted unseeing past the cognitive harbours of empirical evidence and logical counterproofs in the sandbar throes of a blind and comatose dogmatic slumber.
         Such hopes, alas, are usually held in vain. In the case of the person who has committed his/her self-esteem, self-concept and self-identity to the transcendentally revealed truth of such insidious and virulently self-preservational memes, the self-protective filters occluding the onslaoght of logic, reason and rationality upon such cherished and treasured doctrines are usually so high, wide, deep and long-standing that not only will no amount of clarity, coherence or cogency penetrate their darkening veil, but also no amount of hilarity pointed at the sad joke that such self-deceptions comprise can lift their cloaking of the fanatically and fervently zealous mind they have so entrapped and ensnared. It is always the messenger who is denounced and attacked, because the message simply cannot be stomached by the acolyte at the memetic altar of cognitive sacrifice and submission, but neither can it be successfully expelled. The hooks are dug in too deep; comprehension of!
     error and flaw is well-nigh impossible, and the resulting cognitive dissonance is projected without, rather than being resolved within by an advance in understanding.

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