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    > > If photons were unable to travel in the early
    > > universe, how could they have possessed *any*
    > > wavelength, much less "every wavelength," as you
    > > assert?
    > Photons travelled freely between electrons, absorbed
    > and emitted over and over again.

    I see.

    > Only after 300,000 years did the elctrons settle into stable
    > orbits around atoms, freeing photons to move unimpededly
    > from that time to now. Ted it is a little like the way in
    > which we see the sky as blue. Solar photons are
    > scattered - absorbed and re-emitted - by dust
    > particles in the atmosphere. It is this that gives
    > our sky its blue colour. (Because white light is
    > absorbed and blue light is re-emitted).
    > Now imagine this occurring not just for white and
    > blue, but for all colours, up to wavelengths equal to
    > the diameter of the Universe, and you have the
    > principle of the Big Bang at this epoch.

    Fascinating. I've really misunderstood this.

    > > It's not light. It's just photons. It's the
    > > particles which, when assembled, will constitute
    > > light. To say an unformed set of photons
    > > constitutes light is like saying a stack of bricks
    > > is a house.
    > Hmmm. Ted, a single photon is "light" - it can be
    > destinguisged as such, even to the human eye. One
    > does not need to assemble photons in any fashion to
    > have light. They are light. Pure and simple, just as
    > bricks are bricks.
    > Hope this helps
    > John

    Absolutely! Thanks for clearing this up.


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