re: necessity of mental memes

Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 16:55:21 GMT

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    If you knew who was really making the posts, you
    also could not make an allegation against the person posting under their
    legal name without causing major problems.

    Oh god, when will these insinuations cease?? Come on Aaron, out with it! Get it off your chest once and for all. Never mind the list policy, just bite the bullet and do it.

    In a sense, deception has a free
    hand while authenticity has its hands tied.

    Funnily enough I was just thinking the same. You're free to continually weedle and niggle at some imagined slight (it wasn't me, really honestly it wasn't), and I just have to grin and bear it, since you refuse to mention me by name.
    If enough mud comes in my direction, some of it will stick, and you can always maintain that the mud wasn't specifically directed at me. How convenient. (Were you really comparing me with Scientologists? "But
    there are academics who take their business about as seriously as the
    Scientologists do. Consequently, there are some academics who will do some
    pretty wierd things")

    And all because I dared to write an article criticing your work (well okay, 2 articles). Why don't you write a long article criticising my work? Would that make you feel better? Admittedly you had some space to do it in JoM, but it was a bit restricted. I'm sure you could find some journal that would take it.

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