Re: neccesity of mental memes

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Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 05:03:31 GMT

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    >I think you left my name attached to one of Joe Deeís posting Grant.
    >Just because something we have decided is a fundamentak measurement of the
    >universe that is suitable as a unit of measurement of the universe doesnot
    >make it any different to a metallic rod. The metal rod will appear to an
    >observer under the same conditions the same each time. How is that
    >from the the radius of a proton? And this radius is not absolutely defined
    >that i am aware, due to the problem of the wave / particle duality (and if
    >you include one of my old lecturers, he described it as an energy field),
    >what measurement are we on about. The truth of the matter as i see it, is
    >that external reality exists [my assumption - it makes life easier for me
    >- ) ] but that our interpretation of it is not always up to scratch. I
    >see that assigning a value to something as any different to nameing it.
    >(Some one also mentioned a 9 dimensional universe - i got the impression
    >they were working on 13, and that they did unfold but are not visible above
    >the sub atomic?)
    >I would appreciate some clarification,
    I try to delete everyone's name from what I type, but I may miss one once in
    a while. I find my own name below some messages written by other people,
    too. It seems to be a common mistake.


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