Re: necessity of mental memes

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Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 23:36:41 GMT

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    Subject:  Re: necessity of mental memes
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    >From: Joachim Maier <>
    Subject: Re: necessity of mental memes

    >All velocity involves change, but not all change has to be a velocity
    >change; IOW, not all change is positional.

    I have to admit, the volume of messages was sometimes too high for me,
    I did not read all the messages. But could anybody please give me an
    example of change were no spacial change is involved?
    I still have a hard time to come up with any example where nowhere in
    process of any change there is not also a change in velocity of

    If you are on about any physical process (and i include brain activity in
    this), then the only way to change any system (that i am aware of) is by the
    input or release of energy which wiil result in some change of the positions
    of the components of the system.


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