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    >Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 07:52:42 -0500
    From: "Wade T.Smith" <wade_smith@harvard.edu>
    Subject: Re: Abstractism

    Hi Dace -

    >This is the flipside of
    >the basic argument of memetics, that our intentional use of culture
    >mean it's not turning around and working us as well.

    Our developmentally directed mental formations can only, selected
    evolution, be filled with cultural information. It is a curse, perhaps,
    but I don't see memetics shying from this, nor failing to present both
    (or all) sides of the meme equally.

    - - Wade <

    Why a curse? Memes exist (or why are we all discusing them?). To me the
    questions are what are they, what are the levels of influences of them on
    us/society etc. One could talk about htem being beneficial or malign in the
    effects they have but curse seems a little strong.


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