Re: necessity of mental memes

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Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 13:13:46 GMT

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    Hi -

    >Still, this is the Internet, subject to all the caveats raised in Wade's
    >"Faking it" post, and then some. There are also various ideas of "memetic
    >engineering" (including the "engineering" of beliefs) spreading around.
    >Manipulating people with fake information (often to provide information)
    >also runs in some circles of hacker culture. I don't, however, know of
    >cases where papers were published by non-existent authors. So on that
    >level, science does not work that way. Receiving carefully written
    >pseudonymous emails about science is another matter entirely -- although
    >still only a small minority of communications. Not knowing how one can
    >detect such things readily suggests the possibility of self-preserving
    >misbeliefs. On the other hand, telling how to spot a fake would only
    >change the way fakes are done.

    Several issues raised above, all of which should be concerning us.

    "Self-preserving mis-beliefs" - gotta love it.

    Here in Boston, the catholic church has run out of its insurance money to
    pay off the victims of its protected and sheltered pederasts (AKA
    priests). There are several hundred civil cases remaining, and, with a
    small glimmer of hope, perhaps this bastion of self-preserved mis-belief
    might take a tumble.

    But it's the little ones around us that nip and scratch at our welfare.

    And, yes, self-preservation is a powerful tool.

    - Wade

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