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Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 21:22:01 GMT

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    > On 27 Jan 2002, at 12:45, Keith Henson wrote:
    > > It is actually remarkable simple. As Hamilton said one time, he should
    > > willing to die if it would save more than 2 brothers or more than 8
    > > cousins. If you understand that a brother carries half your genes and a
    > > cousin one eighth of your genes it is obvious math to see that genes
    > > favoring this level of sacrifice would be favored over the long term.
    > Hm, but what about those family fathers who murder their whole
    > family and commit suicide afterwards?

    << That can be explained by the way the brain works of such a man.
    Most are man !
    Those people are having a depression, whatever the reason, but most likely
    of none- personal causes ( cultural, socially, work,... etc).
    The deprest feels himself useless, empty with no value. People who
    talks to him, seeing that he is not allright ( pale, sick, no appetite)
    his low esteem with their pitty and he gets more deprest.

    The reason why he kills his wife and children, is that leaving them behind
    is no option. Leaving them behind would be to painful.
    I know of a case whereby an eldery couple ( he 68, she 64), killed their
    son 27 , and committed suicide together with their 30 year old daughter,
    because the mother had cancer and only a few months to live left.
    The suicide was planned, but to ' spare ' the son the knowledge that
    his parents committed suicide, they killed them first.
    Memes !! All in the family !



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