Re: sex and the single meme

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Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 20:10:44 GMT

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    Subject: Re: sex and the single meme
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    > On 28 Jan 2002, at 16:02, Kenneth Van Oost wrote:
    > > All what can go wrong is not seen as purely abstractions but as real,
    > > living enteties with which we must fight.
    > > Everything what goes your way, you must cherish, be nice to, protect,
    > > care for, love.
    > Well that about new rules/values. Nietzsche was quite smart. He
    > declares to be apart from everything and that everyone should
    > follow themselves, at the same time he declares new values and
    > you get the feeling that you've came up with them by your own,
    > following yourself.
    > But i guess this is how most succesful memes work.

    << Yes, that is what I like about Nietzsche. Re- reading him now in the
    context of what I know/ understand of memes, gives me great pleasure.
    Quite remarkable how Nietzsche and what he wrote coincide with some
    aspects of memetic- theory, though.
    It 's all interpretation, but I like it.

    > PS: I don't want to offend your nietzsche-view, i just think that it's
    > one of million different views and opinions.

    << You can 't offend me, remerber !
    I am all my memes !
    No, I am just kidding here, I appreciate ou conversation ove the last
    few days vey mush.
    Nice to know there is an another Nietzsche- lover around !



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