Re: neccesity of mental memes

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Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 15:40:28 GMT

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    > >
    >Because we are using a natural, uniform and ubiquitous component of the
    >universe as our stick, not something arbitrary or rooted in
    >anthropomorphism. It does not matter what you call the unit of measurement
    >(since language is itself arbitrary and by mutual convention), so long as
    >your peers understand it, and it fulfills the above requirements. We are
    >not assigning a value to the protom-radius, we are naming it; it will
    >remain the same length whatever we call it, and that takes the
    >arbitrariness out of the referent, even though linguistic signs themselves
    >are, for the most part (excluding, say, onomatopoeic words), irretrieveably
    > >
    > >Steve
    > >

    Now we're talking the same language.


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