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Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 15:18:50 GMT

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    > >You also exist and you go by the name of Joe. Are you the name, "Joe,"
    > >are you something more than just the name? Velocity, just as you
    > >it, is a measure of change. It's a tool we use to describe change. Are
    > >velocity and change the same thing? The condition we describe is
    > >The tool we use to describe it is internal and part of our map of the
    > > In other words, a meme.
    > >
    All velocity involves change, but not all change has to be a velocity
    change; IOW, not all change is positional. The idea is a meme; it's
    referent is not, and furthermore, it's referent is real.
    > >
    Thanks. You pretty much repeated what I said. The idea, the tool we use to
    examine an object with our minds, is a meme. The Object we are using the
    idea of velocity to examine is not. We have many such tools and the concept
    of velocity is only one of them. There's no need to think of velocity as
    the only tool in our toolbox. But like spacetime, it is just a tool of
    comparison. How is object A compared to object B? Is it moving faster or
    slower? Is it larger or smaller? Is it heavier or lighter? What are the
    implications of this information?

    Velocity is a concept, but objects do move faster or slower than each other.
      The objects are real or we couldn't measure them. The act of measuring is
    a mental exercise. It's how we create our internal map of the universe. We
    divide our universe up into pieces (mentally) and compare the pieces with
    each other.


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