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    I liked your explication of spacetime. It came to grips with the
    relationship between mind and reality pretty well. One more item that
    should be included is our used of the term "dimension." People talk of
    dimensions as if they were places rather than measuring tools. All
    dimensions are ways of measuring distance. Height is a measure of the
    distance up, width is a measure of the distance 90 degrees away from up, and
    length is measured 90 degrees away from both up and wide. Time is just the
    distance traveled by the object measured by the other three dimensions
    compared to the speed and distance of some other object -- most often the
    rotation of the earth.

    Therefore dimensions, too, are human constructs used to map the universe we
    see inside our brains. They are not places we can venture into. Space is a
    place, the measurement of space is not. Dimensions are just ways of looking
    at space by comparing one arbitrarily chosen section of it to another.
    Again, the comparison takes place in the brain and not in space.


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