Re: neccesity of mental memes

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Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 15:53:21 GMT

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    >A universal meansurement of length could be, say, multiples of an primary
    >particle's (say a proton's, neutron's or electron's) radius. It would
    >certainly not be either anthropomorphic, arbitrary (since it is a building
    >block of the universe) or changeable.
    > >
    A popular measure of time is based on comparing the thing being measured to
    the vibratory rate of a cessium atom, which changes very little. But it
    still compares the motion of A with the motion of B. That's something
    that's done in the mind, even though both items used in the comparison are
    outside the mind. To the best of my knowledge, the universe doesn't go
    around comparing things with each other. What's arbitrary is the items we
    choose to compare with each other.


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