Re: neccesity of mental memes

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Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 10:27:47 GMT

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    Subject:  Re: neccesity of mental memes
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    Subject: Re: neccesity of mental memes

    A universal meansurement of length could be, say, multiples of an
    primary particle's (say a proton's, neutron's or electron's) radius.  It
    would certainly not be either anthropomorphic, arbitrary (since it is a
    building block of the universe) or changeable>

    It would be universal but it would still be arbitray in the sense that we
    assign the value in the first place. I could say that the radius of a proton
    is 'one metre' (say) and base every other measurement on that. How is that
    any different to choosing a standard metal rod as the unit.


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