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Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 04:58:14 GMT

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    Hi Francesca S. Alcorn -

    >there are instances where it took
    >people a long time to make a connection that seems perfectly obvious
    >to us.

    And yet there is much lost to us as well, crafts and constructions viewed
    only in ruin, without hope of revival.

    Connections are made when connections are made. Obviousness is always
    around the corner.

    >I think that switching your focus to the concept of
    >iterations might even bring together concepts from even more diverse
    >fields of thought.

    I've been on Wilson's 'Consilience' side ever since I was a knee high to
    an aardvark....

    The more disciplines brought to the table, the better. We just have to
    poke a few holes in a few inflated heads first so they'll all fit at the
    same table.

    >This structure
    >prevents our memes from "running around inside our minds chaotically"
    >and helps us sort out potentially useful meme combinations from ones
    >which are completely useless.

    Well, from the external stance, there ain't no memes running around
    inside our heads, it's all a sort of managed chaos, which, sometimes,
    culture and environment willing, will behave as a meme. What actually
    makes these connections and prompts this behavior, is, well, where
    creativity comes from. Memes are a special class of creativity- creations
    that fit into a culture with enough connective recognition to be
    replicated. But then, culture is connective recognition.

    - Wade

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