Re: necessity of mental memes

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Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 04:51:18 GMT

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      Grant said:

    >Time is a function of how we perceive the universe, not the universe itself.

    Julian Barbour makes the same contention in his book "The End of
    Time" he also discusses some of the same points that Keith mentions
    about determinism. He says that time doesn't really exist, and that
    just as we can infer a take off and a landing from a photo of
    motorcyclist jumping over cars, so our brains infer linear time from
    a non-linear timeframe. He says (a la Keith) that in the end,
    understanding this about time doesn't really change anything, just as
    understanding that the earth is round didn't mean that people in the
    southern hemisphere suddenly started "falling" off of it.


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