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Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 04:03:18 GMT

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    Philip wrote:

    >>it is the
    >>current gene-pool which build brains that restrict meme-creativity

    Wade said:

    >And this is an interesting comment. What leads you to think we are
    >being restricted in our meme-creativity? What potential memes do you
    >see that have their actualities missing?

    But if you look at it historically, there are instances where it took
    people a long time to make a connection that seems perfectly obvious
    to us. I was thinking about "meme" as a concept. For years both
    biology and anthropology both had these concepts which *we* realize
    now have a great deal in common, reflecting underlying processes of
    replication and transmission from generation to generation. Were
    these stored in separate parts of the brain, in neural networks which
    had little to no cross-connections, possibly even an effect of mutual
    inhibition? (This would suggest that we could encode the same (or
    very similar) memes in different parts of the brain.) This structure
    prevents our memes from "running around inside our minds chaotically"
    and helps us sort out potentially useful meme combinations from ones
    which are completely useless. But there are instances where this
    actually inhibits the conjugation of memes which might prove to be
    very fruitful. I think that switching your focus to the concept of
    iterations might even bring together concepts from even more diverse
    fields of thought.


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