Re: Meme bonding

Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 23:49:26 GMT

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    On 28 Jan 2002, at 15:35, Wade Smith wrote:

    > Termites make mounds.

    Indeed, and termites have genes too. So the cultural outcome is a
    result of genes.

    Mounds select certain termites and termites build mounds. See
    any similarity?
    > And that's pretty genetic. Unless you want to call it memetic,

    It's not memetic because the termites don't copy the design of a
    mound from other cultures (as far as i know).

    > > Philip:
    > > it is the
    > > current gene-pool which build brains that restrict meme-creativity
    > > potential.
    > And this is an interesting comment. What leads you to think we
    > are being restricted in our meme-creativity? What potential
    > memes do you see that have their actualities missing?

    It's actually that what you can't think of. To name anything would
    fall into the "meme-creativity potential" category.

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