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    From: "Grant Callaghan" <grantc4@hotmail.com>
    Subject: Re: Abstractism

    <I'm rapidly approaching the conclusion that no two people can agree on
    the term "meme" refers to. >
    < So the state of the art right now is an undefined meme that
    brings about a broad range of behavior.  Am I wrong?>

    <Grant >

    Looks like that's it in a nutshell to me.

    Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 16:18:43 -0000
    From: "Price, Ilfryn" <I.Price@shu.ac.uk>
    Subject: RE: Abstractism

    >From: Grant Callaghan [mailto:grantc4@hotmail.com]
    >I'm rapidly approaching the conclusion that no two people can
    >agree on what
    >the term "meme" refers to.

    <Which helps the 'meme' replicate. I understand there is research in
    press (Wheeler) which identifies 9 different communities of scientists
    using variations in their interpretatation of 'gene'. Signifiers get
    replicated but do not have to show fidelity of 'signified' (as I have
    asserted before)>


    Because people have their own interpretations of what a word such as meme
    means it also contributes to the memetic drift that memes undergo.


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