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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 18:54:28 GMT

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    > > From: Grant Callaghan []
    > > I'm rapidly approaching the conclusion that no two people can
    > > agree on what
    > > the term "meme" refers to.
    >Which helps the 'meme' replicate. I understand there is research in press
    >(Wheeler) which identifies 9 different communities of scientists
    >using variations in their interpretatation of 'gene'. Signifiers get
    >replicated but do not have to show fidelity of 'signified' (as I have
    >asserted before)
    I'd be interested in a full citation for this in press article on gene
    definitions whenever it's published.

    You might want to check out:

    Griffith PE and Neumann-Held EM. 1999. The many faces of the gene.
    BioScience (49): 656-662

    One conceptual dichotomy they draw is between the "molecular gene" and the
    "evolutionary gene". They have a table of gene concepts which describes
    five: classical mendelian, classical molecular, contemporary molecular,
    molecular process, and evolutionary.

    The evolutionary gene concept is that of G.C. Williams and Richard Dawkins.

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