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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 17:45:02 GMT

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    >From: "Joe Dees" <>
    >Subject: Re: Rogue Males by Lionel Tiger
    >Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 01:56:12 -0800
    > >Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 09:04:21 +0800
    > > Stephen Springette <> Re: Rogue
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    > >At 10:29 24-01-02 -0500, Scott Chase wrote:
    > >
    > >>Is there some subtle parallel here between so-called "groupies" lining
    > >>for a chance at N-Sync or The Rolling Stones and the harems of the
    > >>infamous over there in Afghanistan?
    > >
    >No, because the parents of the groupies were not in the concert audience to
    >arrange their daughters' marriages with the band members, whereas the
    >infamous Muslims marry, like the rest of them, according to parental
    >arrangement. In most non-Muslim countries, women are not considered
    >chattel anymore.
    > >
    Can Islam be painted with such a wide brush? Maybe a distinction could be
    made between what is Muslim and what is Arab. Are women generally oppressed
    within Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian or Turkish cultures?

    I have heard of the repugnant honor crimes, but how widespread is this?

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