Re: Do all memes die out or evolve? I think not.

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 16:24:11 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Do all memes die out or evolve?  I think not.
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    Playing catching up, here ! I hope you don 't mind !?
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    From: Keith Henson <>
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    Subject: Re: Do all memes die out or evolve? I think not.

    > At 09:40 PM 15/01/02 -0800, "Joe Dees" <>
    > wrote:
    > >I think that some memes reach an optimized limit state that nevertheless
    > >retains their functionality and usefulness. For instance, I do not see
    > >the multiplication tables either dying out or evolving.
    > The same can be said of large areas of "constrained" knowledge. The
    > periodic table of elements is a similar case.
    > For that matter, baseball or cricket changes very little as time goes on
    > because they are constrained by written rules. Writing down a meme can
    > slow its drift to nearly zero.

    << Soccer has rules that are witten down, I suppose, but the rules of the
    game changed. So what is the point !?



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