Re: sex and the single meme

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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 15:02:16 GMT

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    > I think the impression of free will and the feeling of personal
    > integrety is not a question of memes but rather of control and
    > success. When everything goes wrong you start blaiming some
    > outside forces. And when everything goes right, then of course,
    > you, you this person who worked hard for it is the one who is
    > responsible.

    << That is a question of Bildung ! The odd, old ways of thinking are
    repressive, they lock out things, they lock out multiplicity.
    One culture, one trait, one habit, one religion, one God !
    That is in Nietzsches' terms, the absurdity of our all causal thinking.
    We don 't know why and how something goes wrong, but we want to
    know !
    The will to know is the cause for the seduction to know, but just in
    that fact we loose our ways.

    All what can go wrong is not seen as purely abstractions but as real,
    living enteties with which we must fight.
    Everything what goes your way, you must cherish, be nice to, protect,
    care for, love.
    Again, those things are not yours. Those things state facts, cherish ex-
    pectations, put forward suggestions, doubts and burdens, give their
    meaning, does have reactions upon those of others,... but those do
    not have to come from ' you '_ those are your ' memes ' !

    And again, according to Nietzsche, " the one who chooses the style,
    does not only choose the words, but also the thoughts ".



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