Re: sex and the single meme

Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 14:42:05 GMT

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    On 28 Jan 2002, at 12:49, Kenneth Van Oost wrote:

    > << Does it, Salice !? Being German like you say you are, do you really
    > think you are better of as an individual, if your culture accepts what
    > happened 60 years ago, or not !? ( no offence intended whatsoever)

    Well acceptance of history is just one little aspect you mention
    here. And in some parts of germany yes you actually have to agree
    that the third reich was good (among your "friends"). But fortunately
    i don't live in one of these areas.

    > Would it make any difference if the German people would get in the clear
    > with their past, for you as an individual !?

    Well the people around me are pretty much clear about the past. If
    i would live in some ghetto just like 1 or 2 miles away from here i'd
    probably get beaten up cause of my long hair or my clothes.

    > That is just the notion that everyone sees !
    > The idea of Nietzsche himself, and we can 't be 100% sure, was to get
    > rid of any and other rule/ law and restriction. Being Ubermensch was to be
    > yourself, but people according to Nietzsche were not able to accomplish
    > that, afraid as they were to find something what was ' nothing '.

    If that would have been true i dont know, he could just have written
    "be yourself, follow yourself" and stop. But he wrote all kinds of
    other things and new rules. You can't put a stop to memes.

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