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    > esemplastic (es-em-PLAS-tik) adjective
    > Having the capability of moulding diverse ideas or things
    > into unity.
    > [From Greek es- (into) + en, neuter of eis (one) + plastic.
    > Coined by poet
    > Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), apparently after German
    > Ineinsbildung
    > (forming into one)].
    > Here is how Coleridge used the term in his 1817 Biographia Literaria or
    > Biographical Sketches of My Literary Life and Opinions. Vol. I,
    > Chapter 13:
    > On the imagination, or esemplastic power.
    > O Adam! one Almighty is, from whom
    > All things proceed, and up to him return
    > If not depraved from good: created all
    > Such to perfection, one first nature all
    > Indued with various forms, various degrees.
    > "Admirers of (A.N.) Wilson, and I have been one of them, may console
    > themselves by speculating that he just got impatient, or
    > tired. Or that
    > a minor demon, in a snit over his prolific output and
    > ambitious subject
    > matter, cast a temporary malediction on his esemplastic powers of
    > fiction-making."
    > Gail Godwin, Losing It All, The Washington Post, Jan 23, 1994.
    > Like a house of cards, Enron corporation came down a few weeks ago. Its
    > bankruptcy proceedings opened what may turn out to be a
    > Pandora's box for
    > more than just the corporation itself. Journalists are using
    > the freshly
    > minted term Enronomics to describe this corporation's brand of
    > economics
    > and accounting: off-the-record dealings, cooking books, and
    > number sorcery
    > that led to its rise and crash. Creative accounting has been
    > going on for
    > ages but it seems that Enron perfected it.
    > Whether the term enronomics sticks, only time will tell. But
    > this is a good
    > example of how new words are coined. Some weather the test of
    > time and get
    > anointed into the venerated pages of dictionaries, while others
    > fade like
    > last year's fashion.
    > This week's AWAD features five words, all coined by people,
    > that have stuck
    > around. Those who brought these expressions to life are a
    > diverse lot. We'll
    > see inventions of a poet, a cartoonist, a zoologist, and two
    > journalists
    > during the next five
    > days. -Anu
    > .........................................................................
    > ...
    > So many gods, so many creeds, So many paths that wind and wind,
    > While just
    > the art of being kind is all the sad world needs. -Ella Wheeler Wilcox,
    > poet (1850-1919)
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