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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 10:20:38 GMT

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    Joe said:

    > >mechanisms of that coherence? There, that sounds like what I am
    >>trying to ask: what is the mechanism of meme coherence?
    >Some memes seem to naturally group together into memeplexes, because
    >they either mutually reinforce or each contributes an aspect all of
    >which are necessary to use the memeplex for some purpose.

    I hadn't thought of this. I was thinking along the lines of
    similarity and pattern recognition, which, IFAIK, can be modelled
    with neural networks. But this implies that the brain is capable of
    much more sophisticated analysis, in predicting the effect on others,
    (which might tie into Ramachandran's mirror neurons). It also
    suggests then that we can then "bond" that meme to an existing
    memeplex which we wish to promote. I guess I assume that some meme
    bonding is volitional (there is choice involved) and some is not -
    the memes bond because underlying processes lump them together.


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