Re: sex and the single meme

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 11:49:33 GMT

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    On 26 Jan 2002, at 20:42, Kenneth Van Oost wrote:
    > << No, Salice, get some Nietzsche I would say !
    > Create yourself ! Don 't be a dull ! That is just the way culture wants
    > you to be. Fight those memes !

    Okay! From now on i follow the Nietzsche memes! Ah no, i have no
    choice... memes do what they want with me .. ;)

    << But you do ! You just made a few memeplexes very " afraid " with that
    statement ! With your " will " to change you deconstructed in a wimp a few
    defense- mechanisms which did block components of other plexes.
    It is not that your memes constructed the notion of free as one of their
    control systems that you/ other meme(plexes) can 't pass that treshold !
    Constantly your brain is making up new neural connections, some die
    and some get strenghten by what still other memes do (or not).
    It is not a stable situation, fluctuations occur all the time.

    Actually i really like Nietzsche but everyone seems to get
    completely different memes out of his writing.

    << Besides Nietzsche, all importance writers were to get a re- read in
    our times. I just almost finished a book, about Nietzsche where a few
    writers express/ explain his writings to be part of the Left instead of
    being of the Right. Its all depends of what you wanna see, when you
    wanne see it and how you wanna see it.

    > According to Nietzsche, race, gender, nationality, religion,
    > are not that important, because all of those things are not yours.
    > The price that you have to pay for ' imitation 'is very high. ( you give
    > up what is really yours).
    Well, i dont know. I think you're best of when what's truly yours is
    what is culturally accepted too.

    << Does it, Salice !? Being German like you say you are, do you really
    think you are better of as an individual, if your culture accepts what
    ned 60 years ago, or not !? ( no offence intended whatsoever)
    Would it make any difference if the German people would get in the clear
    with their past, for you as an individual !?
    I suspect it does, but doesn 't that mean that you were to be than under
    the influence of some very persistent memes, holding you back !?

    From my point of view, I don 't care if, here in Belgium, people would
    get in the clear with our past. The colloboration- aspect is still a hot
    overhere, but I don 't see how this would affect me.
    If I were to be a child of such still persecuted folks I would talk
    no doubt about it, but I am not, so !!
    On the other hand, the whole notion of feeling best by what is culturally
    accepted seems to me very difficult to hold on to.

    Same example as above, I feel very uncomfortable with the situation of
    colloboration and what still the consequences are for children and reletifs
    of such folk. I think it childish- behavior to deny any attempt to come in
    the clear any form of success. In that way, I don 't feel myself at ease.
    I don 't feel best with what seems to be culturally accepted, not to say,
    only a few people remain of who we can tell they actually colloborated
    with the ennemy. So, what is the point, I wonder !?

    > Trying to be an Ubermensch, is not killing the rest, but
    > stand above yourself, be yourself, building yourself.
    Being a german (even the word sounds bad to me) i'm a bit biased
    because of what hitler did with the übermensch idea.

    That is just the notion that everyone sees !
    The idea of Nietzsche himself, and we can 't be 100% sure, was to get
    rid of any and other rule/ law and restriction. Being Ubermensch was to be
    yourself, but people according to Nietzsche were not able to accomplish
    that, afraid as they were to find something what was ' nothing '.



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